Environmental catastrophe at Eashing Farm,Hurtmore, will affect you and your family

If you are in any doubt how this affects the area, below is a 'to-scale' image of the quarry superimposed over Godalming
(please click on these images)

This is the Quarry at Eversley, Reading

If SCC grant permission, take a last-look at the historic Eashing site.

Surrey County Council have redefined the area opposite the Squirrel pub as a “preferred site” for quarrying millions of tonnes of Sand and Bargate stone. This will take decades and then the vast hole will be filled with “undisclosed” waste.

Stop Press
SCC have allowed a 3 week extension for people to respond using the SCC response forms. However it is important that you collect the updated forms from the Squirrel Inn as all forms are numbered and SCC will only allow the newly printed forms to be submitted. (deadline 30th June)

Some of the effects:
•Large dustcloud with proven detrimental effects on respiratory conditions and allergies
•Area of natural beauty, wetlands, 2 Saxon burial mounds and wildlife destroyed
•Water pollution
•40 tonne lorries up to every 2 minutes affecting all local roads
•Depreciation of local area and of house prices
•Possible sound disturbances – Bargate stone often removed with dynamite

Who benefits?
•Only the mineral company – there are no benefits to the local community at all


What can you do to stop this?

Please complete the 'Draft Surrey Mineral Plan'form, which we will send you, or collect one from The Squirrel Inn.
There is a question that says “Do you agree with the five objectives which describe the overall approach of the draft mineral plan”
Please check the “NO” box!

It is VITAL you write a letter to the Council, in order to save the beautiful countryside and keep Eashing and the surrounding area a safe and pleasant place for you and your family. Please click the link on the right to download some bullet-points

You can also send a copy of your letter to:-
Anne Milton MP
House of Commons

Tel: 020 7 219 8392
E: miltona@parliament.uk

Below is the map showing the quarry epicentre.Please click the map to download it.

If you live within 2 miles of the epicentre, you will be directly affected. This area includes Shackleford, Eashing, Priorsfield, Puttenham, Hurtmore and Charterhouse. ALL the local Schools will be affected by the dust cloud. ALL local roads will be affected by the 40-ton trucks. EVERYONE will be affected. It is outrageous that Surrey County Council are even considering this.

It is vital that you write an individual letter objecting to the proposal - please see link on the right hand side for ideas, suggestions and who to write to.

PLEASE HELP - please click the 'e-mail us' button on the right, above, and leave your contact information if you can provide ANY assitance.

Do you have any skills / time you can provide? WE NEED YOUR HELP.

WE HAVE to stop this plan. Please either leave a comment here,
or write to:-
SSHAC, c/o The Squirrel Inn, Hurtmore GU7 2RN
or telephone Save Surrey Hill Action Committee on 07714 757 727

Please also follow this link:-


If you want a reply to your comment, please use the "e-mail us" button above, rather than the "comment" button below.

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We are having 100s more banners produced (every one removed will be replaced with two more) and will enlist an army of people if necessary, to keep them visible.

Can ANYONE who spots a vehicle involved/person taking our signs down on private property, please contact the police with all the details


We WILL stop them!

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